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Thread: new bow tuning question?

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    Question new bow tuning question?

    I am new to compound bow shooting. I am trying to adjust my sight and peep on my new cheetah. However I found that the string can not touch my nose tip when I make a full draw.(trying to figure out an anchor point myself too) The string is couple of inches in front of my nose when making a full draw. And the peep sight (3/16" hole) seems too small/far from my eye, so I can't see the the sight ring through the peep hole. I think it is because of the short ATA length (30") of my bow. (when I try to use finger instead of using release, the peep position is close enough for me and I can see the sight ring through the peep well, but I don't use finger to shoot)

    Anybody has experience with short ATA bow and can give me some suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

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    That's one of the misgivings of these ultrashort bows. That's why even at a 27" draw I prefer bows at least 36" long, but that's getting tougher and tougher these days. It's exaggerated even more with longer draw lengths.

    I'll try to make a few suggestions and see what you think. First go to a peep with a bigger hole. I know Fletcher and G5 both make one with 1/4" hole. I know G5 makes one at 5/16" because I have one. This can help some.

    I don't often say this, but maybe you need a longer draw length on the bow. Not having a picture to go by it's hard to say, but it may be an option.

    Maybe, to get the nose on the string you could raise your anchor. This would entail lowering your peep and kisser if you use one. But just depending on where your at now this would also mean you have to adjust your sight down so you might run out of vertical adjustment or even get it low enough that you end up with the fletching hitting the sight ring. It's a tough call right now.

    Don't get caught up in just one thing here. It could take a combination of these things and maybe you won't like them at first. These all mean changing your form somewhat and it may take time for your body and mind to become accustomed to a new feel.

    If you could post a picture of yourself at full draw, from the feet up, maybe we could be of more help.

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    I changed my draw length from 28" to 29" yesterday. I feel more comfortable now. I don't think I can get any longer. I will try a higher anchor point and see if it help. Larger peep may also help. I will buy one if no other ways. Thanks very much!

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