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Thread: Martin Jaguar T/D

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalArcher View Post
    SandSquid,This is not good news, sorry. Anyway you or the dealer can track the shipment?
    There was NO shipment.

    As is often said in the Customer Service game "Sh!t Happened"
    Somewhere down the chain, communications broke down, the bow never shipped, neither I nor my dealer were notified.

    I'll be purchasing (2) Greatree Mohegan's out of my own pocket, so the youth group has enough bows to get through this weekend. I really hate to because they are junk, but I need something now, 3 bows shared between 15 kids just isn't going to work. I convinced the Church Board that Martin Jaguars were the bows we wanted to buy, so for me to go back to them and explain all this, well it's just easier for me to buy the Mohegans, get through the weekend, and Monday try and sell them on eBay for not too much of a loss.... The really sad part is they are going to cost me MORE than the Jaguars!!!!
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    Default Martin Jaguar

    Wow, I really feel at a loss for you and the group of children. Martin got in over their heads on these Jaguars. Mine has no markings except a few numbers I found at the base of each limb, that are hardly readable. One ends in A and the other in B. I have no idea which is "supposed" to be upper or lower or if it even matters. I got no box, book or warranty card. Not planning any further trips to that dealer. They just don't have Traditional stuff. There is another Bow shop with 3D range off to the west a few miles more and I am going to make a trip over there to see if they are Wheel oriented or Trad.

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    My limbs are not marked upper or lower......I have tried them both ways, they shoot the same. Hope somone comes in and tells us what the A and B are all about.

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    It took 11 weeks, but I finally received my Martin Jaguar Recurve. Following are my impressions of the Martin Jaguar Recurve: The NG1 Camo film dip is poor at best; several wrinkles and sharp edges. The standard elevated rest is trash; I replaced it with a Whisker Biscuit and Martin Loc-Mount ($62). The limbs are extremely poor quality; probably the worst and cheapest set of limbs I've seen. These limbs are identical to what I've seen on a beginner childs bow "Matrix Takedown Recurve", manufactured in Italy. Also, this bow is very noisy with lots of hand shock. The Martin Jaguar Recurve reminds me of Microsoft's Vista OS; with all its short comings - push it through, fix it later. OK, I appreciate the $122 price tag; which means it costs about $40 to produce. To improve quality, the price does not need to increase. Being a discontinued compound riser, the casting mold has more than paid for itself already; but please, put a bit more effort into the limbs! The Martin Jaguar Recurve is not consistent with Martin quality.
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    I thought the rest was a junk until I tired it, it fooled me. The look of the limbs is deciving also, they shoot great. The noise I had came from low brace height. The string needed quite a few twists to get up to brace height, once there it's much less noisy.

    Hand shock? Could be low brace height, I don't notice much on mine.

    I did a test with mine with two other higher end bows, a dream catcher, a Tomahawk long bow and the Jag with the plastic rest. The winner.......the Jag. Now that's just me but I beat myself with the other two bows at 15 yards over and over again. My wife said: say it ain't so, but it was so.
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    Default How about shipping the whole bow?

    I finally got my Martin Jaguar today. I am not going to complain too much about the low caliber of the finish, nor the big hairy splinters hanging off the edges, nor the big ugly scratch on one of the limbs. What could I expect for the price right? However, I would have expected to have gotten the limb bolts to put the thing together, a string, and an owners manual, correct? The pictures on the website seem to indicate an elevated rest is also included. Tell me I am not mistaken that I should have expected all of that from this order:

    I really have no complaints about the ship time. I ordered on 5/25/2009 and was aware of the fact that it was not in stock ready to ship. I was prepared to wait awhile. It shipped on 6/9/2009 and I received it 6/12/2009. So no complaints with shipping times and backorder. I just want the rest of my bow.

    Okay, just looked for the problems "RatDog" has, the holes are not even threaded for the limb bolts even if I had limb bolts to put in. Whatever happened to RatDog68 has happened to me. Maybe that Joel fellow can help me out?


    Mark Martin
    Prairie Grove, AR

    Update: I have since discovered that "The limb bolt holes in the riser are not supposed to be threaded. The barrel nut slides into the riser and has the threads required to secure the limb with the bolts." Apparently all that I NEED is a bag o' parts.

    Update2: I will have to say that Bowhunters Superstore customer service seems pretty great. I sent a message via their "Contact Us" button on their website and was contacted within hours and on the weekend no less. They are going to make things right. I tip my hat to them.
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    I ordered mine from Bowhunters superstore and had it a week later. Mine came double boxed with the rest, limbs, riser, manual, string (no nock) and bolts all nicely and securely wrapped. The bolts were too long but a quick call to martin and a few days later I had new bolts that work perfectly.

    This is my second bow. My first was a Kingfisher I purchased from Cabela's and returned in a week to get this bow. Other than these two bows, I have only shot a buddy's longbow. Of these 3, the jag is a huge favorite.

    Fit, finish and weight of the jag are better than the kingfisher. jag limbs are wood and not camo'd composite, but that doesn't matter to me. I hear some say the jag limbs are poor quality, but mine had no rough edges, laminations looked strong and the solid tips look and work better than the loose caps on the 'fisher. Ultimately, I didn't like the feel of the kingfisher when I shot it, it was too heavy and I was having a really hard time getting 3-4 out of 12 arrows in a deer's critical area at 30 yards. And the fisher had only 40# limbs and PSE said I'd have to get a whole new bow to get new 50# limbs.

    I added only a pair of string leeches to each bow before shooting it with the stock rest. On the martin, I put a single nock point above the arrow with the arrow perpendicular to the string in the stock rest. I use three fingers under the arrow to shoot for now as that seems a bit more accurate for me than 2 under 1 above.

    After just a few arrows, I can get all 12 in a deer at 30 yards. After an afternoon of practice, I can put all the arrows in a paper plate at 30 yards with the stock rest. That rest doesn't feel like its going to last very long, so I'm going to go do something else soon, but its working fine for practice right now. I find this bow quieter and easier to shoot more accurately with 50# limbs than the fisher was with 40#s. It tires me out faster, of course, but its more fun to shoot.

    Its a great bow, in my opinion, without much - if any - competition in this price range.
    Good luck,

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    Hey mike,

    I know what I am going to do about the rest.......I am going to order another one just like it. I have no idea how many arrows I have put across that plastic rest so far. But I would guess more than 1500.

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    My wife's grandfather has been shooting Martin bows for over four decades; he took a careful look at my new Jaguar and just shook his head. He said, "This is not a Martin bow; anybody says this is a nice shooter is just pretending to be an archer!"

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    Default martin warthog for sale!!!!

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