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Thread: Mountain Lion Logo has to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawgEnvy View Post
    about Hoyts logo being an apple...wasnt it the story of William Tell shootin an apple off someones head? That's what I thought it(the logo)was about.
    He used a crossbow so if your logic is right Hoyt are in trouble
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgmeadows View Post
    ............One of the things that originally attracted me to Martin bows were the engraved wood inlays that they had on the inside of the sight windows back in the early and mid 1990's, most of which featured some kind of cat-predator image. They really made the Martin bows distinctive.

    So, really, the cat-predator image has been a positive part of Martin's ad image for quite a long time, from my consumer's point of view.

    Just my $0.02

    I agree.........and I really like the old wood inlays like my '96 Firecat has, and the Firecat I had before that.
    I for one, would be really bummed and disappointed if Martin went away from that image.

    If anything I'm tired of every magazine, most hunting books, hunting shows, advertisements, t-shirts, ball caps, etc, etc, etc, being about or showing "whitetails"
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    why is this 4 year old thread being brought back to life.logo is ez.martin is from washington.oregon and washington are side by side and known for there big cats.i.e the cougar\mountain lion.makes since to go with the preditor and not the pray,after all were the ones doing the hunting,not the other way around.

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