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Thread: max poundage for hunting?

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    I have an 08 Firecat and this bow is quiet and I was shooting with the limbs turned down 10 #s. Just the sts and bowjax on the limbs that came with it no need for string leaches. Were you shooting with a quiver on ? check all accessories they usually account for extra noise..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SandSquid View Post
    Each complete revolution of the bolt out takes off about 3#, for a maximum of 5 turns and 15#.

    However I don't think that alone will cure a noisy bow. Besides having it tuned by an experinced bow mechanic, probably the single best thing you can do to quiet down a bow is add an STS.

    That being said, go ahead and and back it off all you want. I am of the strongest opinion that poundage is not the key factor in sucessful hunting, shot placement is.... This fall my daughter took a doe form about 15 yards, with her Parker SideKick with the draw weight set at 17.5#. Pefect, clean heart and lung shot, arrow passed right through. Bambi dropped a few yards away.
    May I ask what was the arrows total weight,this is very interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerSr View Post
    May I ask what was the arrows total weight,this is very interesting
    Never wieighed them but the arroew specs are:
    Victory V-Vorce 7.2gpi @ 25" = say, 180'ish, G5 Broadhead 85gr. add some feltchings, etc.

    I did scale her bow, she was pulling 21# not the 17.5# I though I had it set to... One of her coaches mush have cranked her up at some point. Perhaps before, perhaps after

    But still, good shot placement is the name of the game.

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