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    Default Bowjax???

    My new firecat should be here this week fingers I believe it comes with the bowjax on the limbs...Are they already put on or do I put them on myself??? im hopin I do cause I dont want the dang things on nothin against anyone who likes Bowjax but I got limbsavers on any bow ive shot and I will continue to have only them on my new bows. I got the superquads and putin them on as soon as I open the box. If the bowjax come pre instaled what is best way to get them off and how do I clean off sticky residue they will leave without takin off the camo. And I need to add I want my Firecat now haha

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    Big Ben 75


    mine didn't come with them,I bought it brand new 2 months ago

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    Default Wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

    you just made my freakin year Big Ben ive been hopin it didnt come with them cause I know the 08's did come with them atleast i think they did. Im glad to hear I wount have to take them off.
    thanx man

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    Can't say about the FireCat as I haven't seen a new one, but my Moab came with bare limbs. I have to see my sales rep for them thar Simms Quad Limb Savers. I know the Moab makes a bit more noise than my FireCat.
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    If they do come with them the best thing to use to remove adhesive without affecting the finish is Rubber cement thinner. (Bestine Thinner)

    I would recommend that you test a little on the corner of the limbs first. I'm 99% certain it won't affect the camo finish but it wouldn't hurt to be cautious.

    Good luck and shoot straight

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    Default Thanx

    thanx to all and hope to get the bow this week without the blowjax

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