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Thread: Flast flight string or not?

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    Dr. A

    Default Flast flight string or not?


    I was recently given (lucky me) an older Damon Howatt Hunter that is in perfect condition. Its a 55# bow with a continuous loup string. Any chance I could put a Fast Flight string on it? Its limbs are not reinforced like my newer Hunter, and its SSN is marked 22637. Thanks!

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    If it does not have the black reinforced tip, I don't think it would work with FF.

    You could go over to and ask Larry Hatfield, he probably made it!


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    I would go with a flemish string. Remember, they are shorter then whats written ( lenght ) on the bow. Also getting the proper brace height and arrow will help with getting rid of noise. I shoot a custom made MARTIN HUNTER but I like the strings I get from Bob Lee Archery. Once I get it to the proper brace height, it doesn't move any more.

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    It will "work" w a FF string, but w/o the newer reinforced tips, you run a good chance of breaking the tips eventually.

    Some claim good results w older bows w FF strings, using home/custom made strings that have the loops padded w Dacron to take some stress off the tips. I wouldn't risk even that.

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    Dr. A


    I was told not to use it based on company records. It was probably made in 1982 or so. I've got a 50# bow that is just as fast, but 5# easier to pull. I've got a 60# that is faster than either by a 25fps with the same arrow.

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