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Thread: 2009 Moab LH

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    Default Waiting 2009 Moab LH

    I ordered a 2009 Moab LH in December 08. Does anyone have a firm date on whin this bow will ship out?
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    I ordered my LH bengal in Dec. also. Talked to the dealer a week ago and Martin told him he should receive his lefties Apr.10, But told me they've changed the date two other times. But who knows? Maybe we'll have them by next Christmas? LOL

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    Default Waiting Moab LH.

    Thanks for the update, I Guess I will wait and be patient. The good thing is it is worth it to me for the quality and made in the USA. For the price the Martin Bows are a great deal.I am shooting a PSE now but can not wait to get back to the Martin Brand.

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