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Thread: Looking for new bow

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    Default Looking for new bow

    I am going to purchase a new bow this spring, mainly for hunting. I have a 31" draw length. I am considering the Firecat and the Warthog. With my draw length, would one of these be better then the other? I plan to shot both, if I can find them. There are several dealers in my area, but have not visited them yet.
    Also, is anyone aware of issues with these bows that I should consider before I purchase?

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    Default I liked firecat more

    I Liked the warthog but it was louder than firecat and wasnt as smooth to shoot as the firecat also doesnt hace CCS which firecat does. I like the specs of the firecat as well I mainly treestand hunt so the shorter ATA was better for me. But its whichever one feels better to you.

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    Big Ben 75


    I bought the new firecat and love it best money I ever spent. That being said I haven't layed my hand on a warthog yet.Hope it helps.

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    With a longer DL, you're definetly going to have an easier time tuning and shooting the Warthog. Hunting should not be a problem. I hunt with a 38" Slayer, and it has never proved to be any great impediment except in low blinds. I'd take the Warthog for the added forgiveness and tuneability of the 35" A2A.

    With a proper STS setup, and string silencers, and any decent weight hunting arrow, it will be as quiet as you need it to be. I've shot both, and with a little adjustment, I had the Warthog quieter than the Firecat, at the same specs and same arrow. We were using a decible reader, and a shooting machine, so the variables were minimal. The Warthog was 2.23dB quieter than the 09 Firecat.

    The CCS is not on the Warthog for a reason. Wih the slightly less parallell limbs, the cables travel further during the draw cycle. With a fixed CCS, this creates undue stress on the cables, and in turn, on the strings. This can and usually will lead to excessive and uneven limb twist (cam lean), and that will cause sideways nock travel. With the Warthog, it is not quite so bad, but with a more vertical lombed bow it could pose a real problem. Tuning will be a pain in the neck too. I'll take a cable rod any day over a CCS. Course, I prefer the "X" system even more, bt oh well. Not on the CAT cams.


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