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Thread: Best drop-away rests out there...

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    I own the Limbsaver one and i am very satisfied with that one. I have the ripcord attached to the cable slide so that i have no additional tension on the cables. I also like the possibilities to microtune everything.

    I thought the same thing about the Whammy but i have heard a lot of bad things about it. Around 80% of the people that have tried it here will not be able to recommend it. And they have enough experiences with other fall-aways. Now they use a limbdriver system.
    To be honest, it is usually because they are too lazy to learn how to use it. It is a pain to time and tune, I'll admit it. But it still outperforms pretty much any dropaway. A lot of people get hung up on the whole slack-cord thing. They don't comprehend the trigger. Once you learn the rest, you will have no problems with it as long as you don't change anything on it. it is not a rest for people who want something that is simple and easy to learn, but more for a performance-desiring archer. A lot of 3-D BHFS guys use 4" helical fletches around here, and they can be a clearence issue with a support target rest. I know 7 people at my club who shot anything but whammys. One had a TT, one a ripcord, 2 limbdrivers, one a homemade jobbie, etc... I sold all 7 whammy's after i showed them how to set up and use it. All 7 still shoot whammy's. 2 had even tried whammy's bfore, but couldn't make them work. I'm not bragging about my setting up abilities, but I thought I'd mention it to show how some people just need to see it work to like it.

    You have a couple Premiers according to your sig. Well, the horozontal and vertical microdrive is identical to the whammy. You will be very familiar with that. if you like the way the premier adjusts, you will like the whammy too.


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    anyone looked into the mid atlantic archery Tri-Van holds like a capture rest but pops out of the way at release ATA gave it a good report has anyone actually seen it ?????

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