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Thread: IN dire need of a f-6 DL module for dyna cam!!!!!

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    Default IN dire need of a f-6 DL module for dyna cam!!!!!

    hello. i have a jaguar and it has the f-3 mod, and is on the #1 pin. supposedly 27.5in dl.

    i need 29, i have gotten quite good with this setup but it is just too cramped.

    i cant find anything online or local and in my hours of searching i come accross this place and hoped that maybe someone out there would have the f-6 mod.

    please oh please look in your good bags and see if you have one.

    maybe we can work something out. this would be great if it happens..

    thanks in advance, and p.s. this is a nice place. will be spending lots of time here!!

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    Default F6 mod

    PM me with your info and I will send you one...i have tons of them

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    pm sent, thanks so much

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