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Thread: Need Some Help on Decision

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    I know what you mean about the goldtip chart. They have no cam columns like most arrow companys do. Thanks again for the advice

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    JB, now you found out for yourself what I have said for a couple years now. The GT 5575, being a 400 spine, is only good to about 65# at 29" or a bit longer. Frankly, at 29-30", I'd pick the 7595 (340 spine) for anything above 63#. It allows to add a couple pounds to optimize their flight.

    Have you read anywhere that with carbon arrows if you err then do it with a stiffer arrow? This is always the way I think. That's why I don't worry about a chart showing cam styles. I just consider all cam styles as hard cams and pick arrows accordingly. Charts are just guidelines anyway.

    Oh, you asked about Slick Tricks. IMO they are a very well contructed head. One of my main concerns is how the blades are retained in the ferrule. The three I consider the best are Slick Tricks, InnerLoc, and Muzzy in that order. I know you've heard that they "fly just like my field points". That can be said for almost any broadhead if the bow/arrow combination is tuned properly. If the tune is not close then no broadhead will fly like field points.
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    I will have to agree about the Gold Tips. I'm shooting 69lbs and 5575's do great with field tips but horrible with broadheads moved up to 7595's broadheads hit with fieldtips.

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    I found a couple of muzzies in my bow box. I found a 75g 3 blade, a 100g 4 blade and a 100g 3 blade.

    I shot all 3 broadheads with the gt arrows and i found that the 75g flew great. But, the other two flew pretty good but not as good as the 75g did.

    They hit exacly the same as the feild points did. the 75 flew a hair high. But im set with 100g feild points.

    Im going to shoot some slick tricks to see which fits me.

    Another thing iv found out is when i bare shaft tune my arrow they seem to do better than paper tuning does. Wonder why.

    I was wonting to see how everyone else bare shaft tunes. Cause i havent done it but a couple of times. All i do is shoot the arrow at about 10 yards first and work my way past 30. When i see my shaft planing all i did was lower the poundage untill i was shooting straight.

    When i was shooting straight, I was at 64 pounds. I may go with less than that. Cause my accurasy has improved a great amount. I am going to work on my yardage judgin now.

    Id rather practice yardage judgment than trying to make an mpro2 cam bow shoot 280 fps.

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