WELL where do you start -age 5-12 - learning respect for wildlife ,scouting ,reading sign ,learning the sounds of nature an what theymean ,camo-an how to use,how to move an become apart of nature , train your 6-sense [ most important respect the land owner an otherhunters] know all about your equipment and how IT functions,how an where it shoots -its affective range & STAY IN THAT RANGE . = be Safe first = you are never alone -BEfore you shoot ,know if its a buck or doe ,a hen or gobbler and you will never hurt a person . Take them with you -observe what they have learned an how they use it. I AM very proud to say these two men now in their 40s are Excellant woodsman and are passing knowledge on to their children and other youngsters .Most important they now take me .we now have 3 generations of Martin shooters.-see Dad & I POST YOUR PHOTO .