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Thread: help with onza cables limbs and cams

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    Default help with onza cables limbs and cams

    I have a martin onza bought in mid 90's and have loved it ever since, excellent hunting bow. Lately I have thought about buying a wharthog or a monster or elite gt500 or a apa king cobra but not looking real seriously until my brother hit my cam and limb with his arrow while trying to shoot a turkey (don't ask) how ever i would still like to have my onza as a spare and i just like it I shot my first everything with that bow and its been in 8 states and 2 countries with me. Can any body help me resurect my old girl and maybe improve it if some newer limbs and cams would help its performance, I might not need a new bow at all then. Thanks for all your help in advance. Nick Z

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    For that old of a bow, I'd get a new one. It'd be financially cheaper, and those parts can be very hard to find. I'd look at a new one. The new Warthog is pretty nice.


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