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Thread: Martin Pride M28XRG

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    Default Martin Pride M28XRG

    Any one out there remember the "Pride (M28XRG) Split limb.
    I recently(20 months ago) bought one and would really like to know all about this bow.

    tnx in advance


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    check this link I can give you the specs for the steel cable version or for the string system if you need it

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    Thumbs up Thanks for the link!!

    Appreciated the link, I would also appreciate any further information, spec etc. that you can provide. I bought the bow on E-Bay about 18 months ago, but have been concentrating on my recurve shooting, partly because until recently. I was unable to find the cams I needed to use the bow properly (being a short-a***) However, I finally located some #3 cams and have been impressed with the felling of total class that I get from the bow when I use it. The smoothness of the draw and the lack of recoil and vibration on release are an absolute delight.... I guess that I am probably preaching to the converted.... again, thanks


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