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Thread: Martin Altitude compound bow ?

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    Default Martin Altitude compound bow ?

    I'm looking at an Altitude compound bow - made in 2002 and grouped under the "Pro Series".

    it does include a 3 pin fiber optic sight, two pronged arrow rest and vibration dampeners.

    M-50 Altitude Magnum

    Letoff 75% optional 65%
    Axle Length 30 3/8"
    Brace Height 6 7/8"
    Mass weight 3 lb. 10.3 oz.
    Draw Length 24" - 29"
    Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
    I.B.O. Speed 301 FPS

    My question is, have any of you shot this bow or have input (good or bad) that you feel might be helpful in making a decision to purchase.

    Asking price is $200


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    tood s


    i own one of these also. great bow, just a pain to get fletching clearence if you use blazer vanes. very fast very accurate bow. i would still be shooting mine but i just upgraded to a 09 firecat... my opinion though is you should buy the altitude. the altitude is becoming a rare bow also.

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    I have one as well great little bow ..took my first deer with it ...I still have it and will not sell it ...set up for turkey now...You may try and get em down a little on price but, even at that price you could do a lot worse..

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