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Thread: vapor trail strings

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    Smile vapor trail strings

    I was thinking of getting a set of vapor trail strings for my 09' firecat. Has anyone put a set on thier firecat and if so how do you like them?

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    Default Don't have a ...

    firecat bow... but have used VaporTrail strings on other bows... they make quaility strings..

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    If you are in a hurry get VT's. If you want great strings get Bucknasty's.

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    Big Ben 75


    I just put a set of VT's on my bowtech patriot .they work great.but I still have factory string on my 09 firecat and i do have a set of RANGER string to go on it. just haven't changed them out yet.

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    If you're dead set on VT strings then PM NeanV on or AT and check his prices. I don't know just what he charges, but supposedly at a discount. You'd probably be very well satisfied with VT strings. Most who use them are and frankly I don't think most would be able to tell much difference between most of the custom string makers unless they are very accomoplished archers.
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