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    i have a2003 altitude and im having fletching clearance problems..i have turned my cable guard but now the cable is at a angle coming off the idler wheel.. i want to use 2" blazers i wanna know if anyone else has had this problem and if they can tel me how they solved it.. i don't wanna try and shoot this bow unless its safe for me and the bow.. i don't need my cable flying off and injury happening to me

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    Mr Mnemonic


    Unfortunatly some bows just don't get good clearance, and its a pain. I've gotten rid of bows (not Martins) because everything I did to get clearance created another problem and you end up spending a lot of time and money chasing your own tail for no reward.
    Blazers are good, but they have a very high profile, which exacerbates the problem. As you increase the cable guard clearance, you increase the sideways pressure (twist)on your limb tips. Even if you get clearance, your 'e increasing the amount of torque on the bow, the string tends to draw to the right of the centre line, throwing out your centre shot.
    However, here are a few things you can try tp fix the problem.
    If possible make sure your cable guard is as close to the arrow rest as it can be. If there are two angles you can mount the cable guard for the same clearance (eg 2:00 clock and 5:00 clock) use the angle closer to the grip. This will give you the same clearance but result in less limb tip twist.
    Next you can twist the outside side of the split harness (at the idler end) to shorten it. This will bring the limb tip back into line with the string. Don't worry if its not bang on line. It can't be perfectly in line with your string and your cable. As long as its not extreme you're fine.
    If none of the above work. You can try a drop away rest. Change your nock alignment to increase you clearance (cock-feather at 3:00 clock), reduce your cable guard angle and the drop away will ensure your fletching is clear.
    Try a lower profile vane, I like the Bohning 4" LP X vane. But basically aim at using the smallest fletch that will do the job. If your hunting with it, that may not be possible.

    I hope I've been helpful, If any of what I've said is unclear, or you would like more info on a particular approach, let me know.

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    tood s


    things would be alot easier if i had a guard that had more off set so that when i rotated it to 5 o clock it would be more at the midpoint from ata thus eliminating any limb torque at all mine is now at five oclock i have drawn the bow back so it seems ok plus i have yet to increase the poundage on it, (its now at 50# and i usually shoot 65# so my ata will be closer to specs and the cable angle should decrease if my thinking is right..

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