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Thread: Stripped-out Cable-Guard Allen Screw...???

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    Default Stripped-out Cable-Guard Allen Screw...???

    I have a 2005 Cougar III Magnum Dyna-cam - I Love it and it shoots great - But, now I have a problem... I went to a local 3D Shoot and when I got home I noticed that the Cable Guard rod had backed out about 1/4" to where I could see the locking teeth on the rod itself... I put the bow on the press and re-aligned everything back the way it was before and I must not have realised I was so strong but when I re-tightened the allen screw - I stripped-out the head and now I can't Tighen OR Loosen the allen... I hate like hell to have to send the bow in to get 1 screw replaced... when I could do it my self or take it into the local pro shop to have it done...

    Where can I find one of these allen-head screws or can someone send me one to replace the old one...

    Thanks in advance...
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