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    I have found a slightly used 09 Fire hawk. It comes with a Trophy taker drop away rest and a Camo Trophy ridge vertical 3 pin sight. I can get it for 400.00 complete with peep and wrist strap. Does this price sound to good to be true? I know bows don't hold value that well buy I can get a new Firehawk bare for 499.00. Now im wondering if something is wrong with it buyer won't offer a inspection period.

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    Depends on where its from:

    Craigs List: to good to be true
    Ebay: Check his feedback
    AT: Probably true again check his feedback but guys are constantly gettin rid of great stuff for scary cheap.

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    Default to good to be true...or hard times

    I have found some crazy deals all over the place. If you pay with Paypal you can really go after them afterwards, but you need to do it right away. If it's lightly used, I think you are safe. I just purchased my 09 Warthog for a crazy good price, but saw 3 fakes selling Reezens for stupid $300 obvious fraud...

    Just my experience.

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