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    I just purchased my first ever Martin Bow and if it is as good as ya'll say it may well be the last bow I ever buy. This bow has the nitrous "C" cams. My question is, what is the major difference between the smaller "A" cams and the "C" cams?

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    Default Cam sizes

    It's just the size of the cam to fit the appropriate draw length range. The "A" cams fit the shorter end of the draw ranges, the "B" cams fit the middle lengths, and the "C" cams serve the longer lengths. Exactly what length is supplied by what cam varies depending on bow model and limb style. For example, I have C cams on my Cougar III Magnum (14" straight limbs) to serve my 29" draw length. If I had bought a Cougar III Elite (recurve limbs) I would have needed the B cams to get 29" draw length.

    Hope that helps.


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