I have a 2005 Shadowcat with Nitrous B cams and Elite limbs. Recently I converted it to Nitrous from Nitrous X.

Currently, it has a 41" ATA and nearly 9" brace height. Brace height is measured to the center of the plunger hole closest to the string.

This is a little out of specification and I was wondering what I'd have to do to get it closer. It is important to me, as when I go to full draw (30.5"), the cable slide comes halfway off the guard. The cable guard was supplied to me by a local Martin dealer, so I presume it is the correct one, and another SC I saw had a similar length CG.

I feel that if the brace was closer to spec (8.25"?) I wouldn't have this issue. I could get a longer CG, but this seems a poor solution.

Any help or ideas getting the bow to spec would be greatly appreciated.