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Thread: 2009 Warthog's Serious C.A.T. Mod problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd870 View Post
    however if someone at Martin pulled your thread they need to understand it just hurts their reputation with the shooting community; I'm very disappointed.

    Well, we shall see... If these threads endure past 0901 Pacific Time, when the Super Mods return to the office.

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    Default Factory finish on CAT cam and modules

    Having had the same problem with string wear on the draw modules, Martin sent new cams, modules, axles and stings for my new warthog.

    I found the new pieces to be very poorly finished and spent an entire evening smoothing the pieces out and breaking the sharp edges that would have cut the strings within a few shots. I started with 320 grit, then 600 and finally used 1000 to polish the pieces. I am sure the machining marks on the outside of the draw module (right wear it rubs) cause almost instant damage to the string, and I gave this surface a fine polished surface.
    Even my shop was impressed with the difference. When we installed the new pieces we found that even with the cable guard all the way out, there was still rub on the draw modules.
    We then installed an Alpine cable slide on the rod (it had slightly more offset) and now have just a few thousands clearance between string and draw module.
    After several hundred shots there is no sign of wear.

    Another upgrade we made was switching to the Sims STS piece which is slightly wider and seems to capture the string better. I also had the problem of the string getting past the STS (not every shot, but it was apparent when it did).

    I love the way my bow shoots now, but it did take substantial tuning to get it to this point (and help from the pro shop).

    One thing that kind of pissed me off - I bought the bow locally, then found out I needed to PURCHASE the longer draw modules for $50
    You would think that I could trade the shorter ones for the longer, but no.

    Hope your bow shoots as well as mine, and soon. Good Luck, Bearagone

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    I think something weird is going on.

    SOme hours ago i have seen this thread three times but now i see only this one again.

    But.. whatever..

    You got help over there at AT i see. Great for you.
    (2) Hoyt PCEXL

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    Exclamation Issue apparently solved

    I spoke with Joel, very happy with the conversation, they have revised the cam so there is no bandaid approach...they actually fixed the issue. I am thrilled beyond words, I will be receiving my new cams, mods and strings on wednesday...and will report back what i chrono and hopefully excellent clearance and super smooth!

    thanks to one and all...especially Joel @ Martin!

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    Default martin wart hog for sale!!!

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    Glad to hear that - way to go guys.

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    I am very happy to see that this issue was resolved to your satisfaction.

    Happy shootin!

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