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Thread: New Martin Jaguar Recurve

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    Default New Martin Jaguar Recurve

    It took 11 weeks, but I finally received my Martin Jaguar Recurve. Following are my impressions of the Martin Jaguar Recurve: The NG1 Camo film dip is poor at best; several wrinkles and sharp edges. The standard elevated rest is trash; I replaced it with a Whisker Biscuit and Martin Loc-Mount ($62). The limbs are extremely poor quality; probably the worst and cheapest set of limbs I've seen. These limbs are identical to what I've seen on a beginner childs bow "Matrix Takedown Recurve", manufactured in Italy. Also, this bow is very noisy with lots of hand shock. The Martin Jaguar Recurve reminds me of Microsoft's Vista OS; with all its short comings - push it through, fix it later. OK, I appreciate the $122 price tag; which means it costs about $40 to produce. To improve quality, the price does not need to increase. Being a discontinued compound riser, the casting mold has more than paid for itself already; but please, put a bit more effort into the limbs! The Martin Jaguar Recurve is not consistent with Martin quality.

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    Default Stunningly Bad Quality Control

    The Martin Jaguar Recurve is not consistent with Martin quality.

    I received some parts of a Martin Recurve today in what seems to be various stages of the manufacturing process with some parts missing entirely. The limbs seemed to have no finish whatsoever except the black paint on the face and back and the Martin logo painted on. The logo itself had a big ugly scratch and the edges of the limbs are hairy with splinters. There were no limb bolts in the package, not that I could have installed the limbs because the holes for the limb bolts have not even been tapped to accept the bolts. There is supposed to be a standard elevated riser on this bow, which is apparently lost with the bow string, limb bolts, and owners manual.

    I really don't need much of an owners manual, but would at least like to know which is the top limb and which is the bottom limb or if it even matters.

    I have to assume that the parts of a bow I received were actually supposed to have been shipped to another location for finishing rather than to a customer.


    Mark Martin
    Prairie Grove, AR

    Update: I have since discovered that "The limb bolt holes in the riser are not supposed to be threaded. The barrel nut slides into the riser and has the threads required to secure the limb with the bolts." Apparently all that I NEED is a bag o' parts.

    Update2: I will have to say that Bowhunters Superstore customer service seems pretty great. I sent a message via their "Contact Us" button on their website and was contacted within hours and on the weekend no less. They are going to make things right. I tip my hat to them.
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    Default martin warthog vintage for sale!

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