I'm from Illinois. I live in the heart of Fulton County. We grow 'em fairly big here. I have taken 2 in the weight range given, a 8 pointer and 12 pointer. Both were taken with my Hoyt MagnaTec set to 29" of draw and 67 pound of draw weight. My arrows choice is the CX300. I really don't care for that weight forward tech stuff. I know how to build a hunting arrow. My finished arrow weighs 380 gr including the NAP Shock Wave 100. Chronographed many times, 268 to 270 fps is the norm. The NAP broadhead has accounted for 32 deer without a failure.

To just to mention; Our largest deer were taken with firearms. My wife's very first deer was a button buck. Many would say; "So what?" Well, this little monster was just that, a little monster. As per law at the time we took it to the check station. College students were working the station along with the regular game control. The students went wild over my wife's button buck. Permission given to slice open the jaw gave to confirming him a young feller, but the body measurements were what set the students on their butt. This tyke monster scaled 150 pounds. I really don't know how they "tape" the weight, but I guess it works.

The next monster deer was mine. Huge is a word almost lacking. Imagine a deer fully field dressed, head removed, lower legs removed and weighs in at 265 pounds. Said on the hoof weight was in excess of 310 pounds.

My largest doe weighed 165 pounds on the hoof. Hunting on our property, it's fairly easy to haul our deer in and weigh them before beginning the processing. For about 3 or 4 years Terry Wunderle and I were vied for the Big Doe Contest in the I.A.A.