itīs me again from europe.

I got a big problem and just wanna ask around.

I shot a beaver last saturday with my martin saber and my own line set up. After about 15 seconds i tried to pull it slowely to the riverside. BUT Then my arrow was broken!

Iīve seen the beaver swimming at the lake parallel to the riverside. It swam really irregluar. It dived for 5 meters and then had to come back to the survey to breath. After about 40 meters it swam to the riverside and i couldn't see it anywere. It also wasn't possible for me to take another shot cause off the vegetation. I searched for it for 3 hourse from outside AND from inside the water but wasn't able to find it.

I'm really sure I hit it at its lungs. I read that a beaver is able to dive for about 20 minutes at dangerous situations.

Question: Is it possible that it can swim this range after hit AT LUNGS?????

Realy thanks for answers. Sorry for my bad english.