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Jep that's right, i built my own rig.

But thats not the way every european hunts. My rig is createt to fit on a carbon arrow. And i'am fishing too, so that i think to be able to create a Line-Rig. What do you do after you hunted something?

Maybe some people "throw" the hunted animals away. But not me.

My arrow. Was a 500 grain arrow. 60 pound martin saber. Like i said before:

I already hunted successfully. The thing i was asking for was **** that can happen.

Just a small question and you think that i'am unable to hunt????

Are you perfect? Did you ever make a mistake?
Building yer own stuff is great !!!
I sure aint perfect. Make mistakes about every day. Try to learn from them and not do'em again.!
I dont hunt anything I aint gonna eat (but thats just me...and I'll eat alot-o-stuff)
I've made hits on animals that looked good to me and never found anything.
It is the worst thing that can happen to a hunter - but if you hunt -especially with a bow - things like this come up.
Strive to only make shots you are totally confident in and you will minimize the dark side.
I was really just curious about this beaver bow whacking thing...
Peace Man