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Thread: Question about beaver hunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youre a Loser View Post
    Jep that's right, i built my own rig.

    But thats not the way every european hunts. My rig is createt to fit on a carbon arrow. And i'am fishing too, so that i think to be able to create a Line-Rig. What do you do after you hunted something?

    Maybe some people "throw" the hunted animals away. But not me.

    My arrow. Was a 500 grain arrow. 60 pound martin saber. Like i said before:

    I already hunted successfully. The thing i was asking for was **** that can happen.

    Just a small question and you think that i'am unable to hunt????

    Are you perfect? Did you ever make a mistake?
    Building yer own stuff is great !!!
    I sure aint perfect. Make mistakes about every day. Try to learn from them and not do'em again.!
    I dont hunt anything I aint gonna eat (but thats just me...and I'll eat alot-o-stuff)
    I've made hits on animals that looked good to me and never found anything.
    It is the worst thing that can happen to a hunter - but if you hunt -especially with a bow - things like this come up.
    Strive to only make shots you are totally confident in and you will minimize the dark side.
    I was really just curious about this beaver bow whacking thing...
    Peace Man

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    Default Question about beaver hunt

    Lots of good dogs dog this, I wouldnt let him go to the flush with me though you do that also its safer and better for his hearing long term if your in front of him when you shoot.

    My dogs hunt Kansas and wisconsin without any difficulty dont worry about the setter for grouse she will learn the difference.
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    Default Hun ting Beaver?

    It's beaver yer lookin for??? I'd try Craigs list Just don't get caught in one of those sting operations!

    Just kidding!

    Best of luck to you!

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    Here in Alabama ( USA ) where I live, there is no closed season on Beaver - you're encouraged to kill them because they are largely viewed as pests. Anyway, I've never shot a beaver with a bow and arrow but I've shot plenty of them with a rifle and if you don't see him floating after you shoot him you can forget about finding him - he'll swim under water to a hole and die in some place where you'll never find him.

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    Default Question about beaver hunt

    I dont think so. My business is doggy detailers mobile grooming and i do cats as well. i do get people to call with cats. you could also call it "whatever name pet grooming, then they will know for sure that is for pets not just hounds.

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    Default Question about beaver hunt

    I have a question for some of the in the know guys out there. If you kill a deer on the quota hunt and it isnt 15 inches wide what happens if you check it in. Is there a universal standard or does it come down to the CO on duty?

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