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Thread: Thoughts about Martin ?

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    Jack NZ

    Default Thoughts about Martin ?

    You asked for it.
    I recieved my new Saber today,been a real long week waiting for it to show up.
    This is my fourth Martin compound, to go with my two Martin recurves.
    I bought the Mamba in 1986 and the Dream catcher in 99.
    I've owned a few other compounds,Hoyt,Mcpearson,Proline.
    The Proline was a good bow until the limbs lost their strength after three years.The Hoyt blew up two weeks after I bought it.
    The smack in the face I got when it blew put me off them for life,but I do know a heap of Hoyt ownners that love them,Just not for me.
    The bow I had before the Hoyt was a Martin Tiger,totaly black,short,but very strong and reliable,so I went an bought another one.
    That bow was still shooting well when I gave it to a friend that was just getting into bowhunting.The Mcphearson was a good bow but didn't seem to fit me so I traded it on what I belive is one of the best bows ever made,my Firecat.It started looking a bit old about five years ago so I had a local dealer convert it to a fastflight harness and newer cams.
    So now after nine years the cat goes to a new home,another friend that's just discovered bow hunting.
    I shot the Saber for the first time this afternoon an the thing smokes.
    It's faster shooting XX75 Gamegetters than the cat is with gold tips.
    An Smooth,Touch the release and the arrow just seems to appear in the target like magic,no kick,no jump,no noise,nothing.
    I've shot Deer,pigs,goats,feral sheep,wallabys,rabbits,an a few other small game critters with both Tigers and the Fire cat.
    I like things that are strong an reliable,last a fair while an don't give me any grief.A person has to have total faith in the bow they carry and Martin gives me that faith.

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    Montey Jessey


    Right on brother!

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    I have owned 6 Martin bows in less than 2 years and I like them all. I just shoot some configuarions better than others. Currently I am shooting P3's and Slayer's. I wouldn't shoot any bow other than a Martin.

    I friend once asked me if I would switch if someone handed me a big check to sign with them. I honestly had to say NO, why shoot something I am not comfortable with. If I don't have confidence in my gear I can't win.

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    Montey Jessey


    I just started shooting a C4 Cougar this past week and I am extremely impressed with the comfort/feel, speed, quietness, and accuracy. After shooting this Cougar, I'm pissed at myself for not shooting Martin sooner.

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    At least you're here now brother !!!!

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