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    My '93 Pantera is getting old now and it's hard to get parts. Some shops here won't even touch it with it's steel cables.

    I thought i'll buy a Saber. Now i read about broken risers. It was here and at archerytalk. Is this a problem with the bow? Or maybe it was the same person, just in both boards....
    I believe this bow has a die cast Magnesium Riser?

    I read only great reviews about the saber. Just getting nervous, when i think of a breaking riser at full draw

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    Mr Mnemonic


    I have not personally heard of any Saber risers breaking. And I believe that if one or two have, it shouldn't influence your decision to purchase one.
    There is probably not a bow riser out there that has not been broken by someone. And the reasons for breaking one are so varied it's amasing. Most of them would be related to something an individual had done (using a bow press incorrectly, underweight arrows, dry firing, careless handling).
    Sure there are bows that break because of casting flaws, but Its bound to happen occasionaly. Unless a bow is known to have a major issue with it, I would not worry.
    I'd be pretty surprised if a comapany the size of Martin would risk the damage to its reputation or the cost of warranty by including a bad design in its line up for more than one season. If they designed a dog, they'd drop like like a hot potato.

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    Dodl...I don't mean to alarm you, but Pantera risers broke in thier day, too! There is not a bow made that has not ever had some kind of problem.
    The Saber is a great bow and, of all of the bows I could chose from, I hunted with a Saber last season. It's light weight, has no noise or vibration, shoots great.

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