I am very new to bow shooting. I bought a Martin MOAB last fall but have only recently been able to begin shooting due to a shoulder injury, but to the point... I bought the bow to take advantage of the very long deer bow season we enjoy in Ohio. I decided I wanted a string stopper to lessen the chance of the deer being spooked by the bow and to stop the string from hitting my forearm when I get sloppy with my stance.

I have a few machine tools and made one out of 6061 aluminum. I machined a radius, that is thoroughly debured, for the string to nestle in. After I made it I looked at the commercial offerings and saw they all have a heavy rubber bumper for the string.

My questions are will I damage something with out a big rubber bumper, how should it be adjusted for string contact and when I shoot it the bow it is quieter but it makes a "tick" sound, is that sound to be expected.

Thanks in advance.