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    I have a two year old Phantom II that I shoot a lot. The cable guard has started vibrating loose and I cannot get it to remain in the same place for very many shots now. This bow shoots fantastic until this happens and then it will no longer group anymore and if I dont catch it soon I will get severe fletching contact. I have tried loktiting the set screw but the cable guard still moved and dont want to strip the screw out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Smile xtracker

    Found the same problem with my phantom 2. I tried loctite on screw & it did not work. Removed the cable guard rod & cleaned out the lock grooves that are machined into the ends. Replaced the rod back into bow, ajusted the guard out to suit fletching clearance then tightened the lock nut until I felt the clasp grab one of the locking grooves in the end of the rod. By wiggling the rod & tightening the lock bolt It solved the problem. You must make sure you grab hold of 1 of the locking grooves with the clasps. Good Luck

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