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    Default Experience With NitrousX

    I am looking for people who have experience with using the NitrousX system. I would like to know how well they work and if people who use them are satisfied with the performance. Are there any problems with fletching clearance? I have a Cougar III with Nitrous "C" cams and I am considering converting to the "X" system. Is it worth the trouble and will I be creating other problems?

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    Default Don't hesitate...

    I have a CIII Magnum with NosX as my hunting rig and absolutely love it. I have no fletching clearance problems with the regular axles and Arizona Plastifletch Elite 3" vanes on Easton Epic 400 (standard internal component carbon) arrows. If you use wider fletchings or bigger diameter arrows, you may need to get the wider axles.

    It will only take a couple of days to get used to inserting your arrow around the X cables. The X cables only sit an inch or so ahead of the shooting string, so it is really not that difficult the snap the nock in place.

    On regular cable bows, I have always found that I had to move my sight slightly left of center to tune it perfectly (don't know if it is due to my own torquing of the bow or side pressure from the cable guard, or what.) With the NosX, my sight pins are dead straight over the top of my arrow, and I paper tuned this bow with about 6 shots.

    I am using this bow for both hunting & 3-D right now because I have so much more confidence in the X system set up. I am hoping to convert my 99 Fury over to Fury X or Nitrous X cams soon - If JoelC or the other admins can tell me which cams and cable/string lengths to use (Help ??)

    Good luck,


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    Default Thanks dgmeadows

    Thank you so much for the good information. I have the same situation you do with the sight pins lined up left of center. I have tried several hand positions in an attempt to cure this but I can't win. With me I believe it is something to do with the way I hold the bow but whatever it is I haven't been able to change it. I hate things that are't straight, like a picture out of level on the wall, and this has bothered me since the day I started shooting a bow but I have learned to live with it. Maybe the "X" is the cure. Thanks for the help.

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    Default One More Thing, Cost?

    Does anyone have a ball park figure on what one would expect to invest in converting to the NitrousX system? (from the conventional Nitrous)

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    Default Costs ...

    I've seen X modules for sale over on from time to time, but I can't recall what the prices were. Seems like $25 - $50 range, but they don't staty around long. You should be able to order them through a dealer, b ut I don't know what that would cost.

    Your shooting string won't change, but you'll have to get the 4 straight cables in the same length as your current split cables. Martin sells the strings and cables directly off their web site.

    If your CIII is a magnum limb with C cams, I have an extra set of new Martin X cables (& string) I can sell you at a discount off the online prices. I bought 2 back up sets, thinking I'd need to change them after 6 months, but my originals are still going strong after 10 months (and lots of shots.) The Martin "Double Helix" strings are really the best factory original strings I've ever had.

    If your CIII is an SE or Elite limbs, your string sizes will be different than the Magnum limbs that I have. Send me a PM (Private Message) if you're interested in theextra strings I've got, or if you need some references for other string options.


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    Just for information. The Easton bow tuning handbook (free download on their website) indicates that most compound bows line up just to the left of center. This is apparently due to offset on the cams. I suspect that this explains why your sights are left of center as well.

    I guess Nitrous-X eliminates this offset. Nice system! Anyone want to trade my hoyt cybertec for a shadow cat with Nitrous-X?

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