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Thread: Parts needed for Nitrous X conversion

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    Question Parts needed for Nitrous X conversion

    I have a 2006 Slayer Extreme with Nitrous B cams. I want to switch to the X cams and I want to know what parts and string/cable lengths I need. Also, can the modules I need be ordered directly from Martin? Thanks for any replys!!!

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    Mr Mnemonic


    This question has been comong up in one form or another quite a bit.
    Basically all you need is the Nitrous X modules, longer screws and a set of cables, cables are same length, but there are four end to end, instead of two split harness's. Main string is identical
    Is it worth it, oh yeah (assuming your a release and not a finger shooter). The benefits are great, easy tuning, stability, lack of tourque, all good.

    Parts should be easily available through Martin or a Martin dealer. the Martin phone number is on this website.

    If you want more info, just search throught this forum, there is heaps of it.

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    Mr. Mnemonic.....good reply!

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    Easily done and worth every penny. The first time you need to tune in your bow and can change the timing without a bow press you wqill be hooked on this system. If you are going to make the switch go ahead and get a custome set of strings done for it.

    I have been shooting the X systems for soem time and wouldn't shoot anything else. I had Fury X first and now I shoot the Nitrous X cams and wouldn't shoot anyhting else. I have had a few offers to shoot other bows but there is nothing like the X cams.

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