Hello all, glad to see this site come on. As a long time Martin shooter I think this will be the place for all to visit to learn about the companies fine products. I have a warm spot for Martin Archery and it's not cause I'm from Walla Walla its just that I like the bows. I started out back in the 80's with a warthog (wood laminate if I remember right) and then switched to a Cougar Magnum. Then on to the Cougar speedflight and then a FireCat. Now I have the Cougar II (I thingk is the latest designation) and am looking at the latest model the Shadowcat.
One of these days I will settle on one bow and get proficient with it. ha ha

Been in the Military for 29 years and they will be kicking me out next year so plan on coming back to Walla Walla and doing some fine Elk hunting in the area.

Happy hunting to this years hunters, I can't make it but wish you all luck.