Ok, this subject has been beat to death but I'm a glutton for punishment and have serious "need to know" issues. Cam timing on the M-pro. I've seen 1/10 of an inch of groove showing on a V-pro thread. I've seen 3/8 of an inch everywhere, and I've heard Mark talk about advancing the cam 4 degrees. What is the correct timing on this beast? Will advancing the cam to say 5/8 or 7/8 of an inch string groove speed it up. Not that I'm doubting anyone just that to advance the thing you kinda have to have a starting point. 3/8 of an inch of string groove that everyone uses as the baseline seems a bit arbitrary to me. Are the holes in the cam just to hold it for machining or do they actually serve as timing marks? I'm not bashing, I love my cheetah and I love the M-Pro. But if I can squeeze it, I'm gonna. More speed with the same smooth draw cycle sounds good to me. I just need to know where the cam timing starts. Where it is most efficient, and where you reach the point of diminishing returns( where advancing the cam anymore actually hurts performance). Thanks a million in advance (excuse the pun) and if I gain zero feet per second that is fine by me. I just want the cam to perform to its greatest potential.