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Thread: Aquired old Martin Firecat (early 80s), and would like info, and possible value

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    Default Aquired old Martin Firecat (early 80s), and would like info, and possible value

    Hi, I just recently aquired an old Martin Firecat (Pro-X) Pro-series 4400 XR . It has recurve like limbs and nice machined aluminum riser. I think it may be a target bow... I took it down to he local archery shop to get the pull adjusted to 48lbs and the guys there were amazed at the quality. They told me I should enquire about it here since they do not want to see a very nice bow go to waste (was planning on using it for bowfishing). They said it may be worth something. Was wondering if you guys could give me any info on the bow or possible value, as I may want to sell and pick up a more functional hunting bow. Click the thumbnails to get a larger pic. Sorry for some of the blurry pics, my digital camera is really old and crappy...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can take more pictures if that would help in identification...

    Left Side

    Right Side


    Grip and Riser closeup

    More images on next post.
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    Label Pic

    Limb Pic

    Limb Pic 2

    Wood inlay

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    Jack NZ


    Oh man,
    That's not the standard Firecat.
    I sure it's the top of the line for it's day an still looks very nice now.
    I've loved the Firecat since it first came out an I'd be hanging that on the wall,but bringing it out when I really wanted to show off.
    Man, It's not a fishing bow,it's a high quality collector.

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    Jack NZ, I don't plan on using it for bowfishing any longer after hearing all the praise about the bow on

    Martin tech guys, do you not have any info about my bow? just curious.

    Maybe Martin headquarters would like to possible aquire this piece of Martin history
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    Since this seems to be a classic bow, would Martin be interested in it??

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