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Thread: Martin Limb Numbers

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    Check the limbs on the Firecat and on the Leopard. Do you see a difference around the limb tips? That might be the only reason to not interchange them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrowMagnumMan View Post
    So, what would it mean to switch out 2H limbs on a 08 LH Martin Firecat to 6L limbs from an 08 Martin Leopard and could it be done?
    if they are the same limb style/type it would only be a 18# jump in weight.

    The formula does not work when changing between 14" 15" or ELite limbs though
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    i also have a question, with my 08 Firecat, the original limbs would max out at 72 lbs. well the top limb cracked and i got two new limbs ('09) with the same deflection number and now it only tops out at 67 lbs. This does not bother me at all as i have lost almost no speed, but i was just wondering why the poundage dropped 5lbs instantly when the new limbs were installed.

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    Question My Moab 45-60lb has 2M on limbs

    My 09 Moab has 2M on the limbs, I can only wind her up to about 52lb. Have i the wrong limbs?

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    Fellows, I can only give you limb specs based on my Moab (2009) and we can compare from that.

    I just bottomed my 1L limbs and mine reaches 57# on my scale. I measured the A2A and it's 32 7/16" and the brace height is 7 1/4". You guys can compare yours to mine and see what you get.

    For instance, 2L limbs should give about 60-62# if all holds true. So tedmartin, yours is running nearly 10# light by my calculations.

    My thoughts are for both you and Jake that you don't have enough twists in the rigging to preload the limbs. A check of the A2A might confirm this. If A2A is long and brace height is short then this might be the problem.

    Something I would like to comment on at this time is that I see many posts with suggestions to ywist the cables to increase poundage. Please note that this also increases the draw length of the bow. If your goal is to keep the same draw length (cam orientation) then you need to twist both the cable and the string, usually about 2 twists on the string for each one on the cable.

    There's a lot of playing around can be done with these cabling systems. You can twist the cables up pretty good and over rotate the cam for better performance and then shorten the draw length by changing the cam module. Ya just have to play around and see what works for you.
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