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Thread: Cam lean on Saber???

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    Question Cam lean on Saber???

    How much is to much? My new Saber, 70lb, Dyna cam. There apears to be a lot of lean on the dyna cam. It looks like the bottom limb is starting to twist. Also the serving on the cable is starting to get chewed out all this in about 4 weeks of shooting. What can I do to remedy this?? My dealer is about 2000km from me so I would like to avoid having to send the bow back.
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    Thanks for all the feedback I have been really UNDERWHELMED

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    Default cam lean

    hello,i have a magnum jaguar,it also has the dyna cam system,i also have a little cam lean,but it doesnt seem to affect my shots,also i have noticed my cables are streching,might replace then or have them twisted,in your case though you say your strings are getting chewd up,or is the serving getting frizzled,that might be normal,maybe.......!my 2 cents............

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    Thanks for the reply. I have just checked the serving again and it is not just frizzeled it has worn through I will have to send the bow back to my dealer and have him replace the cables. You would not belive how pissed I am about this. Less than 400 arrows and back it goes. I am booked on a deer hunt this weekend

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    I too would be interested in the answer to this question.

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    Jack NZ


    I also have a Saber with Dyna cam.
    It's also wearing the serving in the same place.
    I've put a good amount of string wax on it for now.
    If it continues I'll talk with my dealer first but I'm tempted to remove the cam and smooth off the sharp edge with emery paper or a very fine stone.
    An sorry Spud4,this is the first time I've visted this thread.
    We'll see what happens.

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    Jack NZ

    Default Cam lean

    Something I just looked at on my own bow an might apply to yours as well,is the cable guide position.
    I put an arrow on the string an checked the fletch clearance.
    I have about twice as much as I need with the low profile Dura Fletch I'm useing.I can see that if I bring the cable guide in a bit there's going to be less tourqe on the cam, an therefore less lean.
    Something to think about??

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    Thanks Jack NZ I have set the cable guard in as close as I can. I have been in contact with my dealer and he say that this normal with this type of cam. And for the serving being cut through just wax it up heavily

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    Angry same problem

    My new Saber was returned for the first time after shooting 12 arrows, the day after I bought it. The string was replaced twice, the cables have been replaced and reserved, the cams have been changed from tru arc cams to dyna cams and the cam torque still hasn't been resolved. It is still fraying and wearing and all this has happened in only 2 months of owning the bow. I am not happy, it seems to be a limb problem. The bow shoots great, but I can't replace the cable every second week. I have heard of other people have similar problems and am at the point where I am looking to Martin or the dealer for a final resolution.

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    Default ...Cam Lean...

    Every single cam design has cam lean associated with it to some degree. From the pics posted it does not look like excessive lean, but it is hard to tell from pics...It would be nice to have the bow in our hands, but I knw that is impossible. There is a chance the cam needs replaced, or the limbs need replaced....Have faith that we will take care of this as quickly as possible. Feel free to email me at, or give us a call at 800-541-8902 to discuss the options...Thanks


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