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Thread: Need help sighting in bow..

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    Default Need help sighting in bow..

    Sorry guys.. need some help as a brand new bow hunter.. anyway, got my saber bow package and it came with an apex 3 pin sight. looks like a good sight and fully adjustable, etc. However, I cant seem to hit the target, no matter if I move it up or down.. I always hit the dirt just in front. I can hit the target well looking down the arrow shaft.

    Can anyone give a new guy some direction on how to sight in the bow with the apex sight? any advice on what you would do when you first started would be great also in regards to distance, practice, etc.


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    Lower your nocking point, you will need a bow square,and i would say you need to read the manual that came with the bow,

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    make sure you are moving the sight the right way, follow your arrow, if it shoots low, move it low,up, up left left, just move the sight the direction the arrow hits.

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    I assume you are using a peep sight. The peep position and sight position work together to put the bow in the proper position to launch the arrow. The first thing after you get the bow to center shot with the rest is to set your nock set slightly higher than level on the arrow at rest. Next draw and anchor the bow and see if the peep is right in front on eye level. You can shoot the bow (at 10 yards or so) without the pins and see if it's hitting where you are looking. If it's close then set a pin in the middle of the peep at full draw while anchored. Ofcourse you have to let it down to set it, but back and forth until it's lined up and then try it. You will not be far off from there.

    Sometimes people try to adjust one thing and forget it's all a system. If your bow is set up for you it will shoot close without much help from the sight. Form is everything in shooting, even with everything right you have to do your part and shoot the same shot every time.

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