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    Hello, I see several threads addressing the problem of idler lean, but none involving the bottom cam leaning. I have a 2003 Martin Altitude that I purchased new, I have never been able to paper tune this bow, and get it to punch bullett holes. Recently a friend pointed out that my fusion cam leans to one side, enough that it causes the cables to wear a little excessively. My question is that possible to fix and, if so, HOW? My local bow shop does not carry Martin but if it's a simple fix He still may help me out. Thanks

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    Sorry to say, but I've never discovered a way to straighten out the cam on a single cam bow. That's why I look over a bow very carefully before purchasing it. This is one of the things I pay attention to.

    I would think you'll do the same next time now that you're aware of it.

    There is one way you might reduce any lean. If possible just rotate the cable rod till you have minimum clearance with the arrow fletching. This might reduce some of the side torque. Another is to get as much lean as possible out of the idler wheel on the top limb. Might not be much but every little bit helps.
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    I have taken some of the cam lean out of one bow i had by swaping the limbs, top to bottom,and bottom to top,then twist the yoke cable, to take the lean out of the idler, it worked for me, one of my Grandsons is still shooting that bow.
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