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Thread: MOAB Poundage not right and flat string

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    Question MOAB Poundage not right and flat string

    I recently purchased a new 09 Moab 45-60lb.
    It is set at 29" draw.
    I noticed the idler lean and twisted the yolk string a couple of times to straighten. No Problems.
    I had the bow set on 50lb. I went to increase it and discovered i only had 1 turn on each limb left until full poundage (about 53lb)
    Where is the other 7lbs?
    I also note that the string in the idler wheel looks flat not round?
    any advice?

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    Cable needs twisted some. Check the length from axle to axle.

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    thanks, i put a few twists in and gave it some wax as well. That got rid of the flat spot on the string. Any ideas where my poundage is? the limbs have 2m 13 1/09 on the top limb and 2m 13 12/08 on the bottom, written on the inside that you see when you loosen the bolts off to get to the cable/cam etc.

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    put 5 full twist in the cable. that should be just about the 7 pounds your looking for.

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    Check the A2A, to make sure they have the right amount of preload, if this checks out you have the wrong limbs for 60# all my 60# Martins have had 3M limbs, but they were not MOAB's.

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    Default ata and bh appear fine

    Thanks all, If i put a few more twists in the string, this will make the BH greater? and the ATA shorter? Or would the chnage not be that noticeable?

    The ATA is just shy of 32.5", Brace Hieght are even at aroud 8"
    Is there a list of what the limbs mean? Ie: 2M 3L etc? Surely Martin would not have put the wrong limbs on?

    thanks again

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    it would not be the first time that the limbs did not match the sticker on the bow, yes i have seen it before, more then once.

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    Sumpin ain't right. Brace height should be closer to 7-7 1/8". A2A sounds close.
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    Red face Got brace height right at last

    OK, thanks again guys, I got the brace height right (Was measuring wrong)
    I'll take the string off again and put a few more twists in. I straightend the string and then added about 12 twists earlier today. Poundage is 53. So i am back were i started. I'll put a few more in later( 5 or 6).
    Then check brace height and poundage again.
    Hopefully with positive results :-)

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    Question string twisted another dozen

    hmmm.. twisted string up about 6 turns more, still 53lb.
    Twisted up another 6, brace height is 180mm(just over 7").

    My nocking point has moved up nearly half inch.

    The string last time i twisted it, started twisting over it'self. I have also noticed the top limb is getting harder to wind in compered to the bottom limb(may have always been the case but i am getting sore hands for winding in/out repeatedly )
    All this effort and i have not gained any poundage?
    So i dont know if it is safe to keep twisting the string or if indeed i have the wrong limbs. ??
    Anyone from Martin able to reply?

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