I recently acquired a Martin Jaguar T/D Recurve and to date the jury is still out. I am fairly new to traditional s but I already had the Hatfield and this was in deed a step back. All in all though the bow came complete, the finish was not great but not horrible enough to warrant a send back. Its kinda loud & the top of the grip will do a number on the top of your thumb knuckle. The biggest problem was that plastic elevated rest....trad bows, me, and elevated rests were not meant to be. So I ditched the rest after shooting the barn the 900th time and went back to what I knew. Sort of.....I currently have the shelf done up with an impromptu hair rest with a piece under it to radius it..... Now I just need to move the shaft over some to get the whole setup closer to my hand for instinctive shots. My groups at 20 are clicking shafts together but they are about 8 inches right.....my guess/gut is it is the launch happening with the arrow to the right of center shot on that huge shelf. I'm looking for additional Suggestions to correct this before I start trying stuff this weekend...so far I have numerous suggestions of other elevated rests which I am really not interested in ( I want to shoot off the shelf)and then the addition of pads or even wooded pieces to close up the shelf some (capped by leather striker pads). Anybody here on this forum shooting a metal riser bow off the shelf? If so what did you do? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!