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Thread: Martin JauguarT/D Recurve off the shelf....

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    "Is it frowned upon due to not being traditional?"

    I would have to say yes to that statement just because - Trad bows are supposed to be just that.
    On the other hand - there is also a bunch of 'bow dynamics' (if you will) involved. Quite a lot of posts on this thread are about wanting to shoot off the shelf of a center shot riser. It's really not built to do that so unless you build up your own shelf - your arrow is going to be pointed way to the right and low of where it should be. It is a compound bow riser with traditional recurve limbs bolted onto it and is designed to use a rest that positions the arrow above the shelf and to the left.
    Another dynamic is the fact that when you shoot with a release the 'paradox'
    changes from left-to-right to up-and-down. So if you try to shoot off the shelf with a release your arrow is basiclly going to be bouncing up and down on the shelf untill it clears it. When you shoot with fingers the arrow (if spined right) flex's around the riser then goes on its merry way.
    JMO - if you want to shoot a center shot metal riser'd recurve then put a good rest (springy, plunger, center rest flipper etc) on it. You will love the way it shoots for you. If you want to shoot Trad off the shelf - you need to stick with Trad wood bows.

    p.s. I have a Damon Howat and a Jag takedown - the Howat is set up off the shelf and the Jag has a N.A.P. Centerest Plunger on it. They both shoot GREAT.

    --- just my 2 cents...

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    " I guess you can put a whisker bisquit on the Jaguar and it'll work fine."

    Worked for me.

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    Default confused

    I was given this bow as an xmas pressent from my parents. As I opened the box, there were no labellings of which limb was top and which was bottom. I then proceeded to try the limbs to see how they would fit. Each limb fit into the bottom socket with no problem, but when i slipped them into the top socket, when the bolt was tightened, the limb was still loose and would wobble a little bit. I am new at shooting take down bows, but are they supposed to wobble? Also, the rubber risers on the back of the bow limbs, just to clarify, I keep those on and they compress to the shape when i tighten right?

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    Jay Dog

    Default Untraditional

    To teweede09; Unlike many die hard traditional archers , I have installed a d-loop on my Martin Jaguar as well as a Golden Key TM Hunter rest. I have also put a crosshair sight on it as well. Like many others, my Jaguar did not have limbs marked upper and lower. I also had the same problem as another poster mentioned: my top limb pocket was not drilled deep enough to get the limb tight once it was tightened all the way down. I put it on my drillpress and drilled the hole about 1/4" deeper and everything tightens down snug now. I'm shocked that Martin has such poor quality control. It was not a big deal for me to fix it, but some people would have sent the bow back. It should have never left the factory like that. As for the bow itself, I love it. It is quiet, shoots really fast and for the cost ($139)- Martin has a great takedown recurve here. Martin just needs to focus on QC and making sure the limbs are marked top and bottom if the instructions say they are.

    Merry Christams to All- Jay Dog

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    Jay Dog

    Default to manwithaplan

    Hey, I had the same problem with my Martin Jaguar. The top limb would not tighten down all the way. For some reason, Martin does not assemble and test fire these bows before shipping them out. Anybody ever heard of QC? The fix is easy. I used my drill press, but you could use a regular pistol type drill if you are careful. The hole is not drilled deep enough in the riser and the bolt that holds the limb on is bottoming out not letting the limb get a snug fit into the limb pocket. I drilled mine about 1/8" deeper and it works fine. That is probably all Martin will do if you send it back. Or you can file/grind off about 1/4" from the bolt that holds the limb and this will correct the problem as well.

    So far, I like the bow. It shoots straight, fast and quiet.

    Good luck- Jay Dog
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    call and ask for mike, tell him John and Don the free loading campers referred you... he will get a kick out of that...

    This is the most experienced man I know when it comes to traditional archery and if your ever in his area stop and check out his broadhead collection, it is impressive.

    He can also make wooden arrows, with real feathers set up for you draw weight and length.

    in my experience only trust other archers who fill their tags every time they take a shot, Mike is one of those guys...and to top that off because of a shoulder injury only shoots a traditional with 130fps...its all about shot placement... at any rate call him... he will get you squared away.

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    Default Feedback from Martin

    I had the same the issue as many of you.

    This is the response I received from Martin via email.

    " Thank you for writing Martin Archery customer support.

    The info you see in the manual is specific only to the Hatfield Takedown. The Jaguar does not have a specified top or bottom limb. You can use either limb in the top or bottom position.

    As far as the limb bolts not fitting there are a couple of options. You can take the riser to any archery dealer and have them call us for a replacement. For a quick fix solution you can remove material from the limb bolt hole or the limb bolt itself...neither of which would affect warranty in any way.

    Thanks again for writing to Martin Archery, and we hope we\'ve been able to help.


    Martin Archery Customer Support"

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