"Is it frowned upon due to not being traditional?"

I would have to say yes to that statement just because - Trad bows are supposed to be just that.
On the other hand - there is also a bunch of 'bow dynamics' (if you will) involved. Quite a lot of posts on this thread are about wanting to shoot off the shelf of a center shot riser. It's really not built to do that so unless you build up your own shelf - your arrow is going to be pointed way to the right and low of where it should be. It is a compound bow riser with traditional recurve limbs bolted onto it and is designed to use a rest that positions the arrow above the shelf and to the left.
Another dynamic is the fact that when you shoot with a release the 'paradox'
changes from left-to-right to up-and-down. So if you try to shoot off the shelf with a release your arrow is basiclly going to be bouncing up and down on the shelf untill it clears it. When you shoot with fingers the arrow (if spined right) flex's around the riser then goes on its merry way.
JMO - if you want to shoot a center shot metal riser'd recurve then put a good rest (springy, plunger, center rest flipper etc) on it. You will love the way it shoots for you. If you want to shoot Trad off the shelf - you need to stick with Trad wood bows.

p.s. I have a Damon Howat and a Jag takedown - the Howat is set up off the shelf and the Jag has a N.A.P. Centerest Plunger on it. They both shoot GREAT.

--- just my 2 cents...