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Thread: Savannah AMO 62 I Need Advice??

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    Question Savannah AMO 62 I Need Advice??


    I've run into a real dilemma. I own a reflex/deflex long bow by martin(savannah). I'm terribly confused as to the amo length. The amo on the bow is marked 62, however I had purchased 2 strings from different stores, and they were too short. I measured the strings and they were 59" long each, which makes sense as they were marked amo 62. Let me explain, the strings were much too short and when the bow was strung the brace height was not within tolerance of the manufacturers specs.(6.25-7"). What am I doing wrong? From my understanding the actual string length should be 3" shorter than the amo length marked on the bow......or at least this is how things work out with my two other recurve bows. Does the fact that its a long bow have an impact on the length of the string in relation to the amo???????Please help me out on this one, deer season is around the corner here in Nova Scotia and I am in need of some answers.

    Thank-you in advance

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    If it is not too far out of spec for the BH, you might be able to untwist the string if it is a flemish type string, but don't untwist it enough where it could start to come apart. The string may also streach over time while shooting or leaving it strung over night.

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    Please try the folowing.
    Strung the bow and wait for 12 hours. The string will lenghten in the time, because the power on the String ist the highest on brace height.

    Greetings from germany


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    Smile Bow string

    Ironicaly I yo just purchased a string for my Savannah from Martin Archery.The string was 58 7/8 long.leaving me with nothing better than a 8" bh. Luckily the shop had ordered 2 , the second one measured 59 1/2 witch allowed me a lot of twist. I am not sure what is going on at Damon Howatt, but that is twice they have dropped the ball for me, and now it seems for you.Good luck.

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