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    Excuse the double-posting, but one of the guys in the tech section suggested I also post this in the "traditional" section...

    I purchased a bow at an estate sale this morning for five dollars. At first, it wasn't much to look at, as it had been spray painted flat olive green by the original owner. Fortunately, he wasn't a very good painter, as there was no surface prep and the paint stripped off easily. Now, getting to the point...

    It's a nice takedown recurve bow, and I suspect that it's a Martin product. The center is made of beautifully laminated hardwoods with combination wood/fiberglas limbs, and the lower limb is marked as follows: MX900, 62", 28", 55#, M.225 . Our local archery dealer hadn't seen one quite like it, but we went through some old catalogues and found a photo of one just like it in the history section of a fifteen-year-old Martin catalogue, but without any information. Thus far, I've learned that the 62" is the string length; and it has a 55# draw at 28". No idea what the M.225 means, though, and a Google search tells me absolutely nothing about a MX900 model. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I'm curious about the age, whether it's a good bow for a novice, and, perhaps, what it's worth. thanks.

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    Default MX900 bow

    I was surfing youtube the other night and saw the magical and mysterious e-bow and all of its awesome abilities...and I started to wonder. Could it be that awesome??? anyone ever use one the thing looks amazing. Is it though...?

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    Default MX900 bow

    I dont think the Barbarian should have special bow abilities but I do think there would be situations where he might need a bow, such as hitting ranged attackers across some valley or shoot down a flying attacker.

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