New to the compound bow and haven't shot in 35yrs, had a Bear 76er, and all I knew then was how to point and pull, was pretty good though. Anyway I traded for a Martin Phantom 70#( at least that's what he told me, and checking the old records here at Martin it sounds to be true) with Z cams, the brace is 6.5 and ATA is 37" measuring from center to center points. Using the arm span method of dividing by 2.5 my draw length is 29.2. I use a wrist style release and I feel that the bow fits me just right, my left arm is locked and I can't pull back the string any further and the kisser sits right up against the edge of my mouth, and I'm able to hold at full draw for many minutes, as well as shoot from many different positions, typical groupings of 3 arrows in 3" from 40 yds. I use a whisker bisket, ( though I just bought a Quik tune Freedom rest due to vane destruction) and shoot Easton xx75's, with 4" vanes), ranging from 2314-2117-2213, also have Rebel 6075 and Gamegetter 500 with sizes in the 29.5 to 31" range, and I use tips that weigh 100 grains.
I have looked at the charts here and am Bedazzled and understand very little as to the meanings of them. I have been asking and reading a lot on this sport, yet lots of the jargon is foreign to me.
OK that said I guess the questions are next.
What is a Z cam and how does it compare to the other styles,why would my brace height be different than what I read on the charts, or am I miss-reading something? Am I able to back down the poundage and if so must I change cables/strings/limbs? How many turns equal a poundage loss of 1 lb? Is the bow that outdated? Does Martin still offer items for this bow? Are carbon arrows really better than aluminum? From what I've read about the cut out style riser I should be able to use shorter arrows thereby getting more speed, and it is recommended that with a fall away or bisket rest, that the arrow be close to 1" in front of that point. Using that equation I've calculated that a 27 1/2 in arrow would work for me even with a broad head tip, however I read about arrow weight and don't know if I can cut mine down and not endanger me or the bow, how to I get an arrow that small and still maintain safety? How do I know what size/weight stabilizer to use? I shoot a RH bow and on the riser aligned with the arrow shelf, there are 2 screws that appear to be holding a counter-balance weight, am I correct, and if so are there shims that Martin makes for this bow? It leans slightly to the right, and I'm guessing that is because of the extra weight of the quiver and sight as well as the rest all being mounted on the right side.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You