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Thread: need some help guys

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    Default need some help guys

    hello, i have a heirloom bow that i broke the string on 2 years ago hunting and i would like to get it re-strung. unfortunately the bow # on the sticker is worn off, but it is a MARTIN IMPALA that was assembled by Rick Spurgeon, if anyone could give me a round-about year or a string length it would be of great help, would like this bow to go to my son when we have one ya know.

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    Default pics

    i will post some pics of the bow and cams tomorrow, had a few too many right now

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    Default Take it to a pro shop

    I would take it to a archery shop. They can flex the limbs and measure for the proper string. They should have no problem repairing it. At least, the pro shop here in my town would have no problems. I hope for your sake you have one in your area. Otherwise, you may be on a wild goose chase......
    Good luck

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    Year would be around 1994 if you can post a pic or know the name of the cam an how its configured{integral string or cables with teardrops} I can get you a string length

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