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Thread: string loop vs. nock with elimator button

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    Smile string loop vs. nock with elimator button

    Hello everyone, I have been shooting with a string loop for years now and am happy with it but was wondering if switching to a metal nock above the arrow nock with an elimanator button below and hooking release to string below the elimanator button would be better. My co-worker does this and is happy with it.

    Would this increase arrow speed since there is less drag on the string and maybe less weight.

    Just wondering.
    I should be getting my new bengal in tommorrow and was wondering the best way to rig it. I also ordered the string suppressor and was wondering if people still use string silencers like bowjaw or leeches if the string suppressor is installed.

    I am thinking about trying to keep as much stuff off the string as possible. Maybe just the peep (g5) and one metal nock with one elimanaotor button.

    Thank you

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    I've found a string loop to be way more forgiving and easier to tune. I believe it's because your pulling the arrow from directly behind and center of the arrow. With the loop you have equal pressure on the the arrow nock. With the nock set and button you'll have more pressure or pinch and I believe that is why, at least for me, that the nockset and eliminator button are a little more difficult to tune. I'll never go back, that loop is superior IMO.

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    I also have found the string to be more forgiven, also the nockset and eliminator button may have more weight then the string loop.

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    Its also easier to replace the d-loop then the serving on your string when it gets worn out.

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