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    I have a Lynx recurve TD that I bought around 1993-94. The limbs are marked 62" AMO, 75# @ 31". I need to know what the recommended brace height is for this bow. It has been my fishing bow for many years, now I'd like to set it up for casual target shooting.
    When I bought this bow new in '94, I bought several spare strings with it. It always seemed like the brace height was a little high, but I didn't worry about it much since it was my fishing bow. I had several other bows at the time for target and hunting so once this one was set up for fishing, it stayed that way for 15 years. I'm on the last spare string and I measured the brace height and it's nearly 9". I like them a little low, but this seems exessively high. I ordered a new string for it yesterday that's longer than the one that's on it and I'd like to know what the recommended height is so I'll know how far to turn it down (if I have to) to get a close starting point.
    I'm slowly starting to rebuild my bow collection. I won't be shooting this bow much, maybe about 10% of my range time, but I'd like to get it a good starting point before I really get into tuning it. I just want to make sure that the adjustments needed are actual tuning, and not me getting tired from stringing,shooting,unstringing, untill it's right. I still have a few things to gather up (I'm still trying to figure out the best way to build up the window so I can shoot off the shelf if possible) so I'm getting as much info as I can before I really dive into this thing's set up.
    The last time I checked, mine was 72# at my 30" draw, so as marked, they're pretty much spot-on... unless the scale was off. It'll get weighed on a couple different scales before I really dive into tuning it. Most of my arrows range from 300-400 spine so I should have the arrows I will need to tune it.
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